ICW: People Is Starting Saturated At The Election

The Board of Trustees of the Social Institutions of society Indonesia Corruption Watch Moh Teten assess today’s people has been saturated with respect to the implementation of the general election.

“Saturation appears from the lack of voter participation in the series of regional head election in various places recently,” said Teten while visiting Jakarta on Sunday.

According to him, the number of non-voters in West Java Governor Election 2008 reached 35 percent of the total electorate.

“In some areas the new electoral districts were doing the same, even the higher number. For example, in the town of Bekasi who was allowed to vote just 48 percent of voters list (DPT). It harm democracy in Indonesia, “he said.

According to him, there are two issues which aspects influenced the occurrence of such problems. The ideological factors, such as the absence of candidates who represent the people’s aspirations and technical factors such as the implementation of the strategy of the election.

“This Ideological to be targeted by the Commission on Elections (KPU) to socialize to a number of rational voters,” he said.

According to him, the quality of the rekrumen candidate on the landscape of political parties has become the thing to note right by the Executive Board of the party.

“Do not recruit candidates who are ugly. Seen in Jakarta while Jokowi forward as Governor, the enthusiasm of the citizens directly increase dramatically,” he said.

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