Illegal Flights AirAsia QZ8501 on Disaster Sunday

Head of Region III Airport Authority Juanda Airport Surabaya, Praminto Hadi rectify statement calling AirAsia flight on Sunday is legal. Instead, he said that the airline does not have permission to fly on Sunday morning December 28, 2014.

AirAsia does not propose changes to permit flying from Saturday to Sunday to the Directorate General of Air Transportation so that the flight is illegal, said Praminto at Police Headquarter Complex in East Java, Monday, January 5, 2015 afternoon.

Praminto do not want to comment further regarding permission of flying. Clearly, such permission is filed by the airline to the Directorate General of Air Transportation. This flight permit renewed every six months, depending on the season.

Previously, Praminto say, AirAsia has already done all the required procedures in filing the flight time slot. This is related to the flight of AirAsia Surabaya-Singapore route. According to him, the flight of AirAsia on Sunday is not illegal, but legal.

This statement contradicts the allegation that the Ministry of Transportation said that AirAsia flight route Surabaya-Singapore on Sunday was illegal.

Based on the letter of the Directorate General of Air Transportation No AU. 008/30/6/DRJU.DAU-2014 24 October 2014 subject foreign aviation licence period winter 2014/2015, Surabaya-Singapore routes given to Indonesia AirAsia is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

As for the AirAsia plane QZ8501 are falling in the waters of Karimata Strait to fly on Sunday, December 28, 2014.

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