Imaging Plots, Today The President And Ministers Visited Regencies

Today, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) would visit several places along with his ministers. The places are still kept in secret.

A number of Ministers participated in groups of one do not know where it will go. The Minister just told to gather at the Hotel Sultan since 06.00 AM on Friday (01/04/2013).

The Ministers who join the group are The Minister for Cooperatives and SMEs Syarief Hasan, The Minister for Public Works Djoko Kirmanto, The Minister of State Sudi Silalahi, The Minister for Marine Cicip Sutardjo Sharif, The Minister of Education and Culture M Nuh, and Pertamina President Director Karen Agustiawan. When they are in a bus.

“Don’t know,” said The Minister for Public Works short Djoko told reporters.

A number of traffic police and the Paspampres questioned also admitted to not know. The information was compiled, Yudhoyono will visit a number of places.

At around 07:30 AM, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono arrived on the scene after the private residence of the Puri Cikeas, Bogor. Groups later joined the Ministers and leading to a location that is still kept secret at 07:00 pm.

Currently, groups reached to Neglasari, Tangerang. Thus, where in fact the purpose of visits work of SBY?

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