Indonesia Must Lead for Peace in The South China Sea

Indonesia requested active pushing peace in the South China Sea post discharge International Arbitration Court ruling over the South China Sea dispute lawsuit. The position of Indonesia as a non-claimant countries that do not have a claim over the region votes strategically to voice for peace.

The South China Sea claimed by six countries. Indonesia did not join the claim, but have interests over there. So the task of Indonesia to promote peace,” said Major General (Ret.) Sudrajat, former Ambassador of Indonesia to China.

“Indonesia’s interests” in the South China Sea is Natuna waters, entered China in the nine-dash line, the territorial map that made China to mark an area which claims in the South China Sea. Nearly 90 percent of the waters in the sea of dispute that claimed China.

Indonesia exclusive economic zone Boundary in the South of the South China Sea, the waters of Borneo, claimed nine dotted line (nine-dash line),” said Sudrajat.

Even so, said former military attaché in of Indonesia’s defense of the United States, no factual basis to confuse entirely between China and Indonesia. Thus the two countries have dispute improperly.

Indonesia still had to enforce its sovereignty. “Keep the territory from illegal fishing. If anyone violates, catch, unless there is a bilateral cooperation with related countries (which take fish in Indonesia EEZ).

According to Sudrajat, although China since the beginning of the International Arbitration Court admits no reserved South China Sea dispute and declined as a result, the world will look at claims China illegally and unilaterally.

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Professor of international law, University of Indonesia Hikmahanto Juwana were contending. He argued the International Arbitration Court ruling benefit Indonesia because Indonesia so it could be more confident in cracking down on Chinese fishing vessels that fish illegally in taking Indonesia EEZ.

The verdict of Nine related dotted line very appropriate with the Government’s position that Indonesia does not recognize China’s claim over the traditional fishing ground,” said Hikmahanto.

International arbitration reserved South China Sea dispute was held after the Philippines filed a lawsuit in 2013. As one of the claimant state, the Philippines is challenging claims nine-dash line China spanning hundreds of Islands, coral reefs, and the waters in the South China Sea.

Nine-dash line China “annexed” portion of the Natuna Sea also take waters also claimed by the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Viet Nam.

In the decision, page 497 as thick as International Arbitration Court stating claims nine-dash line China groundless and incompatible with the sovereign rights of the EEZ based on the international law of the sea or the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of INDONESIA asks all parties subject to international law, in particular UNCLOS, in addressing the international arbitration court ruling. Indonesia also urged related parties to maintain the peace.

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The Government of Indonesia called for all parties to be restrained and not doing things that could increase tension in the region,” the official statement sound Kemlu RI.

Earlier, Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Law, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said any international arbitration court ruling must be respected.

A few grains of the International Arbitration Court ruling reserved South China Sea is important for Indonesia is: China had no historical rights to the South China Sea and claims nine-dash line that covers 85 percent of the South China Sea is void based on UNCLOS.

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