Indonesia Still The Largest Australian Cattle Importer

Indonesia’s position as Australia’s largest cattle importing countries are still not deterred until today. In fact, throughout the year 2014 Indonesia noted increases cattle imports by 63 percent compared to the year 2013.

Export data released by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and received the ABC this week demonstrated, throughout the 2014 Indonesia wreaked as much 730,257 Australia cows.

Strong demand for Indonesia’s at once became a major force in increasing exports of Australian cattle 33 percent through 2014. The amount totaled 1,29 million.

The Indonesian position of the largest cattle importer of Australia were far above the Vietnam by 2014 and then bring the 181,542 cows.

Vietnam’s position by among exporters in Australia is seen as a phenomenon, given that country’s 2013 only importing 67 thousand.

According to Alison Penfold from Livestock Exporter Australia Councils, Vietnam became increasingly market special for Australian breeders.

But Alison Penfold was reminded with the increasing amount of imported requests online, there is pressure for industry to ensure livestock supplies does not exceed the amount permitted.

China occupied the third position with 117,906, Israel as much as 78,181, and Malaysia as much as 53.004.

There are reports about excess supply, and this we’ve discussed together among exporters,” said Penfold.

We don’t want to spoil the market potential of the Vietnam,” he said.

While exports to China are generally dominated by the kind of dairy cows broiler instead. Australia is still waiting for approval to export beef broiler protocols with China.

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Beef exports by 2014, according to Bureau of statistics data, Australia, valued at a total of US $1.23 billion or about IDR 15 trillion.

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