Through Video, ISIS Declare War on Indonesia

A group of militant propaganda video that circulated online ISIS announced the Declaration of war against Indonesia. The video that was released in the middle of a series of bomb attacks this week, some global, showing the soldiers children and adolescents who take up arms.

The video displays a grown man bearing arms is surrounded by child soldiers. A teenage soldier stood not far from the Group and is seen hugging the AK-47.

The man flicked his right index finger over and over, and speak in a mixture of bahasa Malaysia and the Arabic language.

He is expressing gratitude to God because “ease of travel and our jihad” and since has appointed them as the “army of unity.”

In the video, the militants also offend the authorities of Indonesia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia.

“See, we are no longer citizens, and we have free ourselves from you,” he said, while the camera panned a bearded militant moved next to him who holds a Malaysian passport.

“With his permission and assistance, we will come to you with a military force that can not be resolved,” he said.

The militants were also called for Governments and leaders who do not follow Islamic principles and stepped down to give way to the supremacy of Islam.

Soon after, the militants also seen throwing his passport to the middle of the circle, and this action was followed by children that surrounds it.

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A young man stepped forward with a cigarette and saying, “Bismillah” before lighting a fire and burned a piece of white paper folded.

He then put the paper in between the stacks of the passport so that the api melalapnya. This action followed by the cheers of the militants who are punching into the air.

The scene then switches to the inside of the classroom showing the number of children wearing a skullcap Middle humming kasidah and overseen by a man. Meanwhile, in another scene, the boys were undergoing combat training under the supervision of other adults.

Child soldiers were seen standing behind a line delimiters while brandishing weapons, preparing to fire bullets from a semiautomatic rifle at them.

Child soldiers were seen very young-old, wearing a uniform that looks oversized to militant past their knees. Their small body else almost fall when firing a bullet from rifle.

While beside them, a militant sighted adult wearing pants khaki-colored, long-sleeve shirts and vests, raised his right hand while shouting the takbir. This action was followed by the child soldiers.

This video was spread on the same day with a suicide bombing at the headquarters of Polresta Solo. This video also coincides with a series of global terror in Baghdad, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

On Tuesday, the Inspector General of police of Malaysia, Khalid Abu Bakar, also confirm the attack, the first in Neighbouring State of ISIS. The attack wounded eight people occurred at the Nightclub Movida on 28 June, when the visitors were getting watched the match Euro 2016 between Spain and Italy.

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