ISIS Destroy The Tomb Of The Prophet Jonah

The militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) blow up the mausoleum of the prophet Jonah, in Mosul, Iraq, last week. The tomb of historical religious artifact that has now blown away.

A number of parties denouncing the actions of the group. Some consider the actions that constitute real evidence ISIS attacks against Christian groups. Sam Hardy, a professor from the American University of Rome, told the Washington Post even stating ISIS are potentially destroy all sorts of relics of Christianity mentioned in the Bible.

However it turns out, the destruction of the tomb of Jonah was not only hurt the feelings of Christians. Therefore, not only the story of Jonah in the Bible. Hardy said the other religions such as Judaism and Islam also recognizes the prophet Jonah. Hardy reveals in the Quran there is a letter titled dedicated to Jonah the prophet. Even the great prophet Muhammad once said, “There should be no one who calls me better than Jonah.

A similar opinion is expressed by Joel S. Baden and Candida Moss who is a Bible professor from Yale and the University of Notre Dame. Through his writings in the CNN blog, they say the tomb of Jonah bombing has removed the Christian religious heritage to the world. Rabbi Benjamin Blech, a professor at Yeshiva University, New York, called the destruction of the final resting place of Jonah to the attention of all religious people worldwide. “This is a blow and a very tragic incident.

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The Muslims, including those who lived in Mosul, also condemned the heinous actions of ISIS. A Sunni cleric from Lebanon, Harith al-Dhar, said the destruction of the tomb of Jonah is a big loss. “Moreover, the place was considered a sacred place as well as historical and cultural milestones of Mosul.

This is a very surprising ISIS action. What exactly is the reason ISIS destroyed the tomb of prophet Jonah?

ISIS declared at the beginning of 2014 is indeed embraced the Orthodox theology and destructive flow. One of their attitude is hate the whole place is considered sacred in their religion. For ISIS, the existence of such a place is a form of worship of idols aka shirk. Salafi movement or this kind of religious purification aims to restore values the lives of Muslims in the days of early Islam is present in the face of the Earth.

A number of salafi movements recorded ever do a similar action. In 2011, a number of extremists destroy the muslim sufi leader eating in the Middle East. Then in the 1700-1800, Mecca ever mastered the Group salafi. That time they destroyed a number of graves of the companions of the apostle. However, the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad was still left intact.

The Director of the Department of religion and law, University of St. John, Mark Movsesian, saw action this is a form of ISIS provocations against fellow Muslims. “After destroying the tomb of Jonah, they leave the damaged Al-Quran and burned on site,” he said. “It was deliberately done to provoke the anger of Muslims, especially the residents of Mosul.

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