Italy Mamma Mia: Among The Mafia, Pizza and Milan

AC Milan President, Silvio Berlusconi, claimed that his team also contribute greatly to the view of the Asian people to Italy. According to the former Prime Minister of Italy, the Italy in the eyes of Asia is now synonymous with three things, namely the mafia, pizza, and Milan.

On that base, Berlusconi felt commonplace if the Club offered a number of Asian investors. After the Bee Taechauol or better known as Mr. Bee, President of the China, Xi Jinping I lover list adds to the Rossoneri.

Some of these offers demonstrates how important the Milan brand in China and other countries. Through some research, I also see the brand is very strong in the country’s East. We have 350 million supporters around the world,” Berlusconi’s claims.

In a visit to countries in Asia, people are asked to describe three things that represent Italy and answer the mafia, pizza, as well as (Sophia) Loren. More recently, three it is mafia, pizza, and Milan,” continued the former Prime Minister of Italy.

Although the Rossoneri I pretty sexy for Berlusconi, investors remain cautious. He wanted to upgrade for later investors really able to crank up the Club financially.

If not, I will continue as President and held in Milan, Italy-style perspective” he said.

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