Jakarta Paralyzed, A Number Of Bank Branch Offices Closed

Floods in Jakarta resulted in a number of bank branch offices closed. Corporate Secretary PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Holdings, Muhamad Ali reveals, about 50 Services Office of BRI in Jabodetabek encountered an error.

“But the customer of BRI can access banking services easily via e-banking BRI. For example, SMS banking, phone banking and internet banking, BRI e-channel, such as ATM, Kiosk, EDC and CDM BRI, said Ali in Jakarta on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

Floods have halted their operations work unit at the Naval Hospital Mintoharjo, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta. There are 10 units of work that disrupted the flood but can operate. While quitting altogether there are five regional offices, three offices, three offices in cash, five Office unit, as well as three BRI terrace, said Ali.

Ali assures the customer in Jakarta will still be served properly. So, on average they are already using e-banking services, ATM, EDC, the CDM, to stall of the BRI.

With e-banking service the extensive of BRI, he said, customers can easily access a BRI service. Therefore, the operational Office and BRI e-channel are much available.

E-banking service Features BRI is also much (more than 200 features), so that the customer can indeed BRI do banking transactions easily, said Ali.

Ali said the e-banking service, BRI is not disrupted. This is because BRI is indeed has two data centre. Both operate in parallel, so it can always support each other in order to anticipate the impact of a disaster or disruption of any kind.

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Bank CIMB Niaga was also announced to the customer that the 46 first branch office in Jakarta did not operate.

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