Jakarta To Host Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation

Indonesian Parliamentary Caucus for Palestine asked the Palestinian factions to reconcile. A container of cooperation of Parliament, members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Indonesia said, would make Jakarta as host reconciliation.

“Both the leadership of the factions to get together to Indonesia, January or March 2013,” Coordinator of the Caucus, Joseph Almuzzamil says in Jakarta on Wednesday (16/12). He said the OIC’s parliamentary agreement determination to unify the two of unrecognized factions.

Hamas and Fattah fought since 2007. Hamas is a faction that controls the Gaza Strip, while Fattah is internationally recognized legitimate government in the West Bank, Palestine. Both have different leaders, and were in different areas of government.

Several OIC countries, including Egypt and Turkey repeatedly pushing the reconciliation of both. However, often ran aground because of issues of diplomacy. Yusuf said Indonesia believed to try to put an end to the chaos.

Reconciliation is needed to ease the pace of Palestinian independence, in the aftermath of the rising status of non-members in the United Nations (UN). He added, the inter-parliamentary forum agree on cooperation for mutual increase diplomatic role in UN Parliament (IPU).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia spokesman, Michael Tene said reconciling the two factions, one of the diplomatic mission that has not been finished. The Government is only able to push both to get along and can work together.

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The things will certainly help the old solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Indonesia continue to push the reconciliation to cooperate.

The Palestinian Ambassador in Indonesia, Fariz Mehdawi grateful if Indonesia’s Government can facilitate the reconciliation between the factions. He said, Indonesia had a lot of help and have a strong commitment to support any progress for the Palestinians.

The reconciliation between the factions has long been a problem. Botched Israel to Gaza and the rising status of Palestine at the UN, he can be a new beginning to come together. Efforts to co-operation (between factions) has been done.

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