Japan and Philippines Strengthen Collaborative Relationship To Anticipate China

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, Japan would like to strengthen ties with the Philippines to ensure regional security amid rising tensions the country’s relationship with China. Kishida said the cooperation of the two countries is based on the equation security area that borders China.

“The strategic environment change over time, it is important for both countries to equate the views,” Kishida said during his meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary of Philippines, Albert del Rosario.

Kishida stressed the importance of increasing cooperation between the two countries to establish peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. “At the meeting we discussed the political and security issues. We agreed to strengthen dialogue and enhance maritime cooperation and other measures,” he said.

Japan and the Philippines has a direct border with China. Japan’s dispute with China over claims related to the uninhabited Senkaku islands or Diayou in the East China Sea. Meanwhile, the Philippines and China each claim on the South China Sea to the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal.

Kishida and Japanese Foreign Minister Foreign Ministry spokesman Raul Hernandez Philippines reluctant to comment specifically on the measures China claims its territory. Del Rosario also not to comment directly whether the two countries meeting to discuss the region by Chinese assertiveness.

While Kishida just say if Japan gives assistance to the Philippines in guarding the coast. In addition, it will help improve communication equipment and trained personnel.

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Philippines alone to get 10 of the Japanese patrol boats to secure territorial waters. Previously they had bought two coast guard vessels of their main ally the United States. Kishida Foreign Minister is also scheduled to meet with Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Thursday.

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