Java Heat, When Yogyakarta Palace Has Colonized By Mafia

Java Heat, western and eastern cultural conflict. After successful execution of several movie themed scenes in Indonesia, Conor Allyn back to Indonesia in Java Heat with her father, Rob Allyn. The director of Darah Garuda (2010) and Hati Merdeka (2011), take the setting of Java Heat in the city of Yogyakarta.

In addition to the theme of Yogyakarta culture, Conor also took other themes in religious themes such as Java Heat, criminal, to politics. Using predominantly in English, the film was also released in the United States and some other countries such as Germany and Lithuania.

In addition to the Director, the other two players instead of the original Indonesia. Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke is coloring the faces on film-based abroad. Kellan Lutz, formerly known as the Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga film series. Meanwhile, Mickey Rourke is most since he played in the movie Sin City, The Wrestler and Iron Man 2.

The film’s story began when police named Jake (Kellan Lutz) was questioned by police from Detachment 88 named Hashim (Ario Bayu). Hashim suspecting Jake is claiming to be an Assistant Lecturer is the culprit. Earlier, Jake key case witnesses of the death of Princess Palace named Sultana (Atiqah Hasiholan) as a victim of the terrorist blast.

A series of unpredictable events continue to happen to finally bring them to a name, Malik (Mickey Rourke). Malik has changed the figure of some Royal family behave like a bunch of mobsters. Finally, they both also continues to investigate matters related to the death of the Sultana to meet characters such as Rani (Uli Auliani), Ahmed (Mike Muliadro), Ling (Verdi Solaiman) to the figure of the Sultan himself. Uniquely, the people of the Palace which is the servant of the Sultana in the film, always wear a costume like the Palace when faced with Jake and Hashim.

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While in Yogyakarta, there are various shooting locations. The one that really looks good is when the site is in the Borobudur temple. The beauty of Borobudur looks seen in this film. Panorama of the other no less wonderful though not too long highlighted. Java Heat will begin to broadcast on 18 April. If you want to see films that are dark and fun but jumbled, Java Heat interface into the quite promising.

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