Joko Widodo Official Candidates for President, Competition Increasingly Weighted

The Joko Widodo exploration to Marunda area, North Jakarta, on Friday March 14, 2014, feels different than usually. The Governor of Jakarta was felt weird. After feeling odd, Jokowi declares himself to be presidential candidate of PDI Perjuangan.

Jokowi commenced the prayer of Friday at Al Salam Mosque, Marunda. After the prayer, he toured the neighborhood behind the mosque. He also walked along the shore of Marunda.

At this exploration, nearly all journalists from electronic mass media followed suit. It was indeed different than usual, the only specific media. With regard to the media from a foreign country who is a journalist from Al Jazeera.

“My feeling today is nothing strange,” said Jokowi told reporters.

“What a strange, Sir?” asked the reporter.

“Yes, strange, I am feeling a lot of media that follow me. There are Caucasians,” he said with a smile.

Coming at 2.00 pm, Jokowi stopped at historic sites, the house of Pitung. Jokowi distributed books to children around the house.

Jokowi mood looks more relaxed than the previous days, when he shy away from the news media on several occasions. While resting, joking with reporters reserved exploration during this experience.

Suddenly, at around 2:00 pm, Jokowi said the Declaration of the candidates for President. He claimed to have received a mandate from the General Chairman of the PDI Perjuangan Megawati Sukarnoputri.

I have to get a mandate from the General Chairman of the PDI Perjuangan Megawati Sukarnoputri to become Candidates for President of PDI Perjuangan,” said Jokowi.

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Bismillah, I exclaimed with ready-to-implement,” said Jokowi again.

Later, Jokowi Kiss red-white flag in tow.

Citizens and journalists who witnessed the Declaration of it instantly give thanks, “thank God.”

The Declaration without PDI Perjuangan officials attended. Jokowi only accompanied by his team of Solo and an aide.

From the house of Pitung, He drove to Marunda. There, he explains why the Declaration of Candidates for President at the house of Pitung. “Because it is a symbol of resistance,” he said, without explaining the utterance.

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