Judicial Commission Urges Police To Interrogations Supreme Court

Judicial Commission (KY) urged the police to immediately check three justices, Imron Anwari and Nyak Pha, and Achmad Yamanie. Three of the judges is reviewing (PK) of drug kingpin case Hengky Gunawan.

In the Assembly Honorary Judges (MKH) on Tuesday (11/12), Yamanie dishonorably because honorable proven change sentence from 15 years to 12 years. But in his defense, Yamanie sentenced to three-year discount on orders by Imron.

As a follow-up testimony, Judicial Commission spokesman, Asep Rahmat Fajar expect the police immediately checked the three justices.

As a letter of Judicial Commission to Police Hq, asked to take immediate steps to quick and precise fit those powers, the possibility of the existence of the alleged crime happened, the police must immediately examine all of them.

In order for the Police Headquarters immediately intervene, Judicial Commission for the second time, sending the results document code violations committed Yamanie. This was done in response to a statement that says police are still awaiting the decision of The Assembly Honorary Judges.

The actions taken subsequent by Judicial Commission, according to Asep, is examining the person named in the trial Yamanie, Imron and Nyak Pha. Surely it would be the examination of all parties are considered important by Mr. Yamanie.

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