Kellan Lutz Admire Borobudur Temple

Kellan Lutz, actor of Jake in the movie Java Heat, admire the beauty of Borobudur Temple, the place of shooting of Java Heat. “This is cool when first time filming in Borobudur,” he said during a gala premier Java Heat, in XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta.

Kellan is present along with his girlfriend, Sharni Vinson, claiming to have an amazing experience could pay a visit to Borobudur temple. Although Kellan and Sharni did not stay long in Indonesia, they could occupy the position of lodging directly overlooking Borobudur temple.

“My room view directly to the temple. It was awesome when I was wake up and look into the temple” said Sharni.

Sharni also admire views of the temple at night when illuminated by the lights of the filming equipment. “It was like a magic,” she said.

Both feel lucky to get to see historical sites, can add to knowledge. In addition, the couple claimed to prefer living in Yogyakarta.

According to them, Yogyakarta calmer than Jakarta. They sense a more relaxed atmosphere. “I live in an incredible place,” said Sharni added. In Yogyakarta provide memories for both of them.

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