Kelud Eruption

Kelud erupts and issued hundreds of thousands cubic of volcanic material, on Thursday (13/2/2014) around 10:50 PM GMT+7. Flash sound so violent, heard in the town of Kediri, which is 45 km from the lava dome.

Kelud erupted at 10.50 PM GMT+7, eruption exploded so violent,” said Gede Suartika, Implementing the field Security Officers and the investigation of the volcano, when confirmed, Thursday (13/2/2014) night.

The eruption of Mount Kelud which just happened had started to have an impact on the citizens of Kediri. Some areas in the city to Pare began to rain-ravaged gravel.

One of the residents of Pare, Maya Pinto, said, gravel continued rains from 11.30 PM. “Originally I guess rain sounds great, it turned out to rain pebbles. Big-large Pebble, these residents have started to panic,” said Maya when contacted.

The pebble-drops happens very dense gravel residents began to worry about the strength of the roof couldn’t resist.

Meanwhile, thousands of residents on the slopes of Kelud crowded the road to evacuation place. They are from several villages in the Sub-District of Ngancar. For now, the citizens of the District Hall was placed at the village of Ngancar Tawang district.

Previously, the activity of Kelud in Kediri Regency, East Java, the more critical. It status grew so beware of previously Idle (level III). The citizens have started to evacuate.

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Status of “Awas” is a level IV, the highest alert status of the volcano based on threats.
[youtube 6V6p6y93iQI] in the radar of the region closest to the crater of Kelud pointed out that current residents are already preparing to evacuate. They were seen gathered at the front of the House, respectively, bringing treasures.

Some vehicles open backs also seen stationed on the roadside. The vehicle will be used as a means of transport.

A village of Sugihwaras, Suprapto said, the current status of Kelud is increased to Beware. The center of Volcanology, Geological Disasters, and Mitigation (PVMBG) recommended that areas within a radius of 10 kilometers from the center of the crater should be sterile.

The main Priority is in three villages closest first. Hence, when it was evacuated,” said Suprapto.

In addition to using four-wheeled vehicles, any two-wheeled vehicle users seem crowded on the highways. They carry as well as family members and treasured possessions to move away from the location.

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