The Last Message of Desperation of The Besieged City

The Last Message of Desperation of The Besieged City by a number of people trapped in the Aleppo region of the East-the old rebel-controlled transmit messages full of fear when it was pounded by the Government of Syria.

When the onslaught of the Syrian government forces increased, the cries for help from people trapped in there feels increasingly desperate.
An activist named Lina uploaded the video on Twitter and beg, “people around the world, do not sleep! You can do anything, the protests now! Stop the genocide“.

Others, upload melancholy messages while tones bombs were falling around them.
A man says this is the last video he uploaded. “We are tired of talking, we were tired speeches. No one heard, no one responds. Now comes the bomb., Here the video ends.” then a bomb exploded near the area, shortly before it ends.

And on Tuesday morning, Monther Etaky wrote, “I am still here, facing genocide together with my friends without any comment from the world.
And death continued to threaten. “I hope I can broadcast our death to you,” he said bitterly.

Bana Alabed, seven-year-old girl who has long chirp on Twitter via her account, write a message melancholy Tuesday morning.
I speak to the world now, directly from Allepo east. This is my last moment, to live or die.
Previously, he said, “the last message. People are dead since last night. I was surprised that I could write a message now and still alive.
And a few hours later, “My father is hurt. I cried.

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It is apparent from a number of messages, that Aleppo came under attack in the greatest intensity.
This is hell,… All roads and collapsed buildings are filled with the dead.” said one chirp of accounts White Helmets – Syrian volunteer groups doing social work in eastern Aleppo.

Description of the situation in Aleppo was filled with sentences that describe ‘Resurrection.’ Abdul Kafi Alhamado, an English teacher in a region still controlled by rebels in Aleppo said the atmosphere like ‘apocalypse’ when Syrian government forces approaching.

Bomb everywhere. People were running around, they do not know where, just ran. People were injured in the street. No one went to help them,” he told quoted by BBC News.
Some people were trapped in the rubble, no one can help. They just leave them under the debris until they die – the wreckage was their grave,” he said.
Most people can only send messages to the BBC via the mobile phone.
A father in the city wrote, “I guess this is goodbye. Thank you to those who defend and pray for us. But this is almost over, and only a few hours before they kill us.

And a father, who often communicate with the BBC in recent years, wrote in his Twitter, “the last message. Thank you for everything. We have shared many moments. This is a recent tweet from a father emotionally. Goodbye, Aleppo.

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