Life of Pi, A Story That Will Make Believe in God

Life of Pi without question one of the most beautiful I have ever seen of a lifetime.

I read the novel version in 2005, and there is one sentence that made an impression on in my heart. On the back of the book says: “a remarkable Story, full of wonders, and speech as one of the characters in it, this story will make people believe in God.”

When I read the story anesthetized. A remarkable novel.

A shipwreck. An Indian boy adrift in the only lifeboat that was derived with the broken legs of a zebra, a hyena, a female orangutan, and a tiger. Later on only the young man named Pi Patel and tiger named Richard Parker survived.

When I first read, I consider its just story of another tale of survival at the sea. Yann Martel, author of the novel, said his story with genius. Complete with detailed how to survive if you are bobbing in the middle of the sea.

I never really understood as “a story that will make people believe in God.” The more I understand, how the story for me was impossible filmed aka un-filmable. I think, it would be boring filmed solely tiger and a young man in a lifeboat in the middle of the sea. Moreover, his narration is spoken by the mind of the character, not by action but more reflection on the incident.

However, watching a movie the other day, I exclaimed: Wow! Life of Pi is not only possible to be filmed, but also make the film more beautiful and fantastic!

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Ah, I do not want a long-winded praise the beauty of the film as a fine eye. Hope you see for yourself, especially in a 3D treat. 3D technology used not redundant. Besides Hugo (2011, Martin Scorsese), this is a classy Oscar films that use 3D camera technology not only for fun, but it was rightly used increasingly amazing spectacle.

In this review I am more interested in discussing why his story to make people believe in God.


Version of the film does not begin with a narrative all the feelings of Pi Patel, the heroes. David Magee, scenario writer just began the story: a writer gets instructions a remarkable story of a person, then he went to the owner of such extraordinary story.

In his novel, Yann Martel, the Canadian novelist, began his story with an “Author’s Note” what’s the plan to make his third novel set in Portugal-1939-instead took him to Pondhicerry, south of Madras, in Tamil Nadu, a city in the former French colonies India. In Pondicherry, Martel writes, met an old man who told him, “I have a story that will make you believe in God.”

“… It happens to originate in this Pondhicerry … and end up in your home country.” “Yes” “That’s remarkable.” “Wonderful, but not unreasonable.”

The movie does not present the novelist meetings with parents who introduced her story. The movie actually begin when the novelist (played in the movie Rafe Spall) to meet adult Pi (Irrfan Khan played).

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From adult Pi then remarkable story is told.


Seeing the film, I think back then the parts more interesting than just a story of survival at sea. With straightforward, funny, and plain, in the beginning of the film, for example, you saw a young little Pi (played Ayush Tandon) “seek” God with Hinduism, Catholicism, and Islam as well. Section “seek” God’s present feels right in the middle ages glorify their tails religious conflict. With an innocent child the doings of this section capable of churning stomach.

Frankly, after years of reading the novel, the “seek” God was forgotten. The most I remember of how Pi survive in the ocean with a tiger.

The film also finally made me understand the phrase “this story would make belief in God” of the novel version.

Towards the end of the movie (okay, should I say “SPOILER ALERT!” Here) there are moments that I forgot from his novel. When survivors and interviewed officials from Japan who wants to investigate the sinking of the ship Tsimtsum (Japanese-owned cargo ship) of the host, Pi tells another version of how he survived the ship with a boat.

In the second story there are no animals. No broken foot zebra or female orangutan or a hyena and a tiger. But a Taiwanese sailor, a cook, Pi and his mother.

The cook then cut the badly injured leg of Taiwanese. Then the Taiwanese dead, then cooked the leg and eaten. Pi’s mother was furious. They fought and cook was killed Pi mom. Pi finally managed to kill the cook.

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If likened, Taiwanese sailor is the zebra, the cook is a hyena, Pi’s mother is a female orangutan, and Pi is the tiger.

When I come to watch and wonder only realized, where the stories are right: there is a story that no animal or animals.

Both the film and the novel the same message: the best story is that there are the animals. No matter which one is correct.

Why? “Likewise, God, who by His tale is fulfilled,” said Pi Patel in his novel.

Because, in the first story, the animals we saw many miracles and the power of a loving God. In the second story, humanity has been lost. God seemed absent, and if anything, the He let the barbarity occurred.

Yes, finally I got it, the first story, with the animals in it, makes us believe in God.

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