Concord Ban The Sale Of Bottled Mineral Water

In an effort to save the environment, the town of Concord – Massachusetts, United States, bans the sale of mineral water bottles under 1 litre beginning January 1, 2013. This Regulation comes into force on the campaign against small plastic bottles echoed three years ago.

“In order for society to change, you should make a rule that forces them to not buy small plastic bottles,” said John Hill, Chairman of the campaign team to the New York Times on Thursday, January 3, 2013. Instead of buying bottled water, community users are suggested to bring their own bottle or drinking from the tap water in safe for consumption.

If caught buying the bottle under a quart, the townspeople will get a warning. If caught again, will be charged of US $ 25 and increased to US $ 50 for subsequent offenses.

However the Government of the city of Concord is not restricting the sale of liquor bottles under 1 litre in addition to mineral water. The Data showed the United States citizen consumes 50 million small bottles of mineral water and soda each year.

This idea has been carried out by a small town in Australia, Bundanoon, since 2009. A similar prohibition applies in the 90 universities around the United States.

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