Low Cost iPhone: Never In The Apple

Apple ready to trim on its image and its margins by launching a low-cost iPhone? Absolutely not replied in China, said Phil Schiller, Apple marketing chief.

This is one of the persistent rumors about the iPhone and resurfaces almost every year: Apple’s smartphone will offer a more affordable price with a model called “low cost”.

Apple would it be ready for it to break with its premium strategy and abandon its high margins? Asked about it by the Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News, the vice-president of marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller, strongly refuted this scenario.

“Despite the popularity of smartphones, entry-level, they will never be the future of Apple products. In fact, even if the market share of Apple in smartphones is just about 20%, we produce 75% of the profits, “says Phil Schiller even according to The Next Web. The answer – and logic – has the merit of being clear.

Last week rumors according to the Digitimes, Apple has in its low-cost iPhone model that it sources to emerging markets. Its launch is expected during the second half of this year.

The rumor about a redone entry-level iPhone surface this time with something surprising. It comes from the Digitimes (cover by the Wall Street Journal) that announces the release of a ‘low cost’ iPhone for the second half of 2013.

Citing sources who have seen the product, the article says that it is equipped with a larger screen in order to meet the current trend. Amazing when one imagines that a larger screen costs a priori more expensive, especially knowing that Apple does not have a policy of cutting back on the quality of the user experience.

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However, do not underestimate the fact that a low-cost iPhone would help Apple into emerging markets where its products prices are a barrier to mass adoption. According to Digitimes, it was the success of the mini iPad in China which would have decided the firm Apple to replicate the method with the iPhone.

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