Malaysian Officer Make Sure the Death of Kim Jong-Nam

Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un confirmed dead in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Monday February, 13, 2017.

Jong Nam breathed his last after found hospital at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

This assurance was conveyed by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the State of Selangor, Malaysia, Fadzil Ahmat.

Police described the incident as “sudden death“, and now still waiting for the investigation of post-mortem.

Meanwhile, the BBC mentions, based on sources close to the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia also mentioned, that the man who killed it was the older brother of Kim Jong Un.

Now the bodies of Kim Jong Nam is still autopsied in Malaysia.

Reported earlier, Jong-Nam, called killed by two women who are allegedly part of operation North Korea.

The move was done in order to finish off the figures who take a position opposite to Kim Jong-Un.

Based on the information cited from various sources in the South Korean government, the two women that uses poisonous needles to finish off the lives of Jong-Nam.

The alleged perpetrators then escape using a taxi after the event.

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