Man City Hire Sterling £200.000 Per Week

Manchester City are reportedly ready to hire Liverpool star, Raheem Sterling, about £200,000 each week if he left his club in the transfer period mid-year.

Sterling is in fact already conferred with Liverpool since the last few months, but so far have not reached an agreement even though the clubs based in the Anfield ready to raise his salary to £100,000 from £35,000 which he received each week at this point.

If Sterling joins the City, then package the Fund issued around £100 million, the total amount of transfer fees, bonuses, and salary for five years.

The transfer fee is estimated to be in the range Sterling £ 50 million because his contract with two years still left Liverpool and Liverpool are believed to be unwilling to take it off, unless there are clubs who dare pay dearly.

In addition to the City, which is also associated with Sterling is Arsenal and the winner of Bundesliga champion, Bayern Munich.

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