Mancini & Balotelli Fights in Training Session

Mario Balotelli re-create controversy. 22-year-old player was almost fighting with the coach Roberto Mancini when the Manchester City on training session.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the story begins with hard tackle Balotelli to Scott Sinclair in the regular game at Carrington, The Citizens training complex. Seeing this, Mancini was out of patience.

Mancini & Balotelli Fights in Training Session

Mancini then want Balotelli out the field to be replaced by another player. Not exactly the striker acknowledged the Mancini’s instructions.

Ignored, Mancini is getting angry. Mancio immediately approached Balotelli, attractive and while screaming forced him out. This involved both Italiano civil war. However, Balotelli seems to be stronger than Mancini to fail was dragged to the edge of the field.

Manchester City’s coaching staff, Brian Kidd and Massimo Battara immediately separated the two before things got worse. Balotelli then went straight locker room and leave the Carrington with his Bentley 10 minutes later.

The incident on Thursday is adding to the long list of controversies have been created by Balotelli to make him closed to get out of the Etihad Stadium.

In fact, this is the first training session in summer after a hiatus since last Christmas because of the virus. The Club declined to comment on the incident.

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