Martian, A Flower From Mars

NASA’s Curiosity capturing objects later called Martian Flower. The photos were taken while Curiosity moving a region in Mars called the Yellowknife Bay. NBC journalist and photographer, Ken Kramer, has edited the image to make it more realistic.

Whether the object is indeed a flower in Mars? Surely not. The term of ‘flower in Mars’ appear as a reader at Above Top Secret brief comment to refer to that object. “Martian Flower”.

In the comments, someone named Arken said, “Albedo (reflectivity object of the Sun shine) its a highest object, the object is transparent, irregular, larger texture area, smooth and seems to be on the ground. This is the second anomaly transparent objects detected at Gale Crater (Curiosity landing place).”

This object was originally suspected debris from Curiosity. The reason, in last October, Curiosity also captured a few transparent objects. After investigated, the transparent object is Curiosity’s garbage.

However, Guy Webster, a spokesman for NASA said that it was not a plastic as Curiosity’s garbage. Object that seems to be part of the Mars rock, not the spacecraft debris,” he told NBC on Friday (04/01/2013).

If it turns out the original came from Mars, might indicate the nature of transparency in the conditions that support life on Mars? Could that object is organic material?

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