McAfee Hideaway Location Leaked By iPhone 4S

The arrest of John McAfee, the boss of McAfee antivirus software was originated from accidental. McAfee hiding since November 11, 2012, have been in contact with a number of selected people, including journalists.

He was hiding after receiving allegations involved in the murder of his neighbour in Belize, Gregory Faull. McAfee has been sought by the Government of Belize for the death of 52-year-old man. Police allege that he is a man who has a motive to death of Faull.

During the hiding, the official statement from McAfee antivirus founder is poured in the page thewhosimcafee. McAfee is known to be in a relationship with reporter Joshua Davis and Chad Essley cartoonist who manage the McAfee blog. Vice Magazine had an exclusive interview with McAfee lower published online.

The story of McAfee in hiding it include photos from a smart phone belongs to Vice Magazine senior editor. From the photo looks that pictures of McAfee taken from an iPhone 4S. This Apple-made devices will automatically upload a photo retrieval location. The picture shows that McAfee is in the Parc Nacional Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

After the Twitter users are aware of the mistakes the magazine Vice, McAfee wrote in his blog that he had been manipulating the data in the image. At the same time, the magazine Vice immediately replace McAfee.

Vice magazine wrote an exclusive interview with the title: “We are with John McAfee, Sucker“. Inside are photos that can be known by metadata that McAfee is in Guatemala.

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Metadata exposing data the latitude and longitudinal lines of the image. It looks that the Vice Magazine Senior Editor, Rocco Castoro, and photographer Robert King has been following McAfee for four days. It is only natural that smart phones equipped with location data to images. All automatically uploaded if feature location is not deactivated.

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