Melbourne Court Forbid The Police Kept The Beard

The Court of appeal Melbourne, Australia, confirmed the provisions prohibiting police officers of the State of Victoria to keep the beard.

Earlier, in January 2012, Victoria Police forbid the police maintain beards or long hair. However, the rule was sued by 16 the police to court. In these rules, the police established that the men are only allowed to keep the mustache, “but must be neat” 😛 .

The Plaintiffs contend that the ban is unfair for various reasons, including the potential to “reduce the attractiveness as a man”. In addition, the plaintiff also mentions this prohibition is contrary to religious teachings.

A police officer who sued the pretext even filed, he could not shave the beard and mustache for health reasons. The 16 police officers who sued it to point the prohibition has made them stress and worry as well as being excluded from other police colleagues.

However, the Court decided late last year that the rule was not discriminatory. Top of that decision, the plaintiffs then appealed this decision, and Thursday’s appeal court ruling reinforces earlier.

Judge Gregory Garde said, there is no error in the provision of it as postulated the plaintiffs. The judge also ordered the Avant-garde the plaintiffs to pay the costs of the proceedings to the Victoria Police.

One senior police officer who is also a plaintiff Michael Kuyken is not willing to comment upon the decision of this appeal.

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