Mergers, American Airlines and U.S. Airways Will Have 1,500 Aircraft

American Airlines and US Airways finally intend to officially announce merger. The Merger into the world’s largest corporate actions the U.S. flights.

As many as 1,500 planes will be gathered under one company after the merger. The unification of the two companies are also ready to rivals other U.S. airlines, such as United Airlines and Delta Airlines.

The merger, expected to be increased of American Airlines parent, AMR Corp. from the announcement of bankruptcy since November 2011.

Later, US Airways will hold 28% of American Airlines stock in accordance with the provisions of the bankruptcy of AMR Corp.

The overall value of the company’s shares is expected to reach a merger of US $ 10.5 billion to US $ 11 billion. Through this merger, then the lender will get 72% of AMR stock merger, and the rest will be owned by US Airways.

The Merger is expected to complete in the third quarter by 2013. “The combination of this merger will increase the scale and capacity so that more effectively and profitably in the global market,” said US Airways CEO, Doug Parker was quoted by AFP on Friday (02/15/2013).

From the side of its own network, this merger will significantly increase the interest of passengers. Of the entire flight, two airlines companies offer 6700 flights each day with the goal to more than 336 destinations to 56 countries.

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The Board of Directors of the two airlines would merger plan will have a meeting next week to decide on the question of the merger agreement, and the results will be announced in the next few weeks. Negotiations are still continuing, and could only retreat.

The two companies have been trying to have a meeting of Directors on Monday, so it can be resolved quickly.

But until now, the legal powers of the creditors of AMR was reluctant to comment on a matter of such merger. Likewise with the spokesman for the US Airways and AMR.

The combination of the two airlines would produce this masakapai the world’s largest airline based on passenger traffic numbers, and the merger would help both airlines to compete in the world of flight is more strict.

The plan, the company’s name is a merger of American Airlines and the company’s base in Fort Worth, Texas, which became the base of AMR.

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