MH 370 Still Send Satellite Signals Revealed After 6 hours

After being repeatedly denied a rumor circulating about Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost last week, Malaysia officials now admit that the plane fly to the Indian Ocean after missing from radar.

A senior Malaysian military office unprepared collected its name reveals, it is now believed Malaysia Airlines MH370 deliberately turned into the Indian Ocean. It is done by someone qualified enough in the world of aviation as well as understand the position of the radar.

The Malaysia Aviation Authority ensure that the Malaysia Airlines MH 370 still pings satellite contacts until Saturday March 8, 2014 at 08.11 am.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak in his official remarks on Saturday March 15, 2014, mentions, it is based on the data obtained from the various parties involved in the search.

There is someone who purposely turning off communication devices while the plane was missing. However, we can ensure that the aircraft still make contact last satellite at 08.11 am,” he said.

Although he has opened up the possibility of Malaysia Airlines aircraft are in the two corridors, namely North and South corridors, to the present position of the aircraft is still not be determined.

The officials said, the theory is based on military radar data that is currently still not be disclosed to the public. The Radar captures the movement of the aircraft several hours after it disappeared from radar.

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The plane was flying leads to the Indian Ocean, to the West, and away from the actual route, for four to five hours after disappearing. “He really understands how to avoid civil radar radar. During this time he has learned to do that,” he continued.

Earlier, Malaysia said the air force was investigating the flying object was captured by military radar which leads to the Andaman Islands, a few hours after MH 370 disappeared from radar. However, military officials have up to now not divulge details about such data because it is still in the process of investigation.

Boeing 777-200 owned by Malaysia Airlines with flight MH 370 code missing from radar radar in the early morning hours last week during a flight to Beijing, China. Then the weather conditions are quite friendly. During this type of plane has a high reputation in terms of safety.

Speculation is circulating a mention, the loss of the spacecraft was due to an explosion in the air, hijack, technical issues, to pilot suicide.

However, from the last report, allegations about the hijacked aircraft is increasingly strengthened. This is because the plane was still flying a civilian radar without being detected, even though it has been lost.

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