Minister of Health: Press of HIV/AIDS Through Behavior Change

The Minister of Health, Dr. Nafsiah Mboi confirmed infection rates of HIV/AIDS in Mimika regency, Papua growing can be reduced through changes in the behavior of the local residents.

The most important thing people want to change the behavior that is not doing risky sexual activity, condom use and the other.

Nafsiah admitted concern with the increasing rate of transmission of HIV/AIDS cases among residents Mimika, especially in Timika town and the people who live in rural areas. If there is no positive behavior changes, Nafsiah Mboi believes infection rates of HIV/AIDS in Mimika will down rise sharply.

The husband having sex risky will transmit the virus to his wife and baby.

While visiting Agats, Asmat regency few days ago, Minister Nafsiah Mboi received a report from the local government that the findings of 16 new HIV cases a year, six of whom are pregnant.

The whole problem of health in Papua can not be solved by a range of health, but also requires the involvement of all components including the people themselves to be conscious of a healthy lifestyle.

In particular, Nafsiah Mboi appreciate the efforts to combat HIV/AIDS conducted by Freeport Indonesia Holding Company through the Public Health and Malaria Control.

The number of people who voluntarily checks in VCT clinics Malcon Freeport Indonesia Holding Company in Kwamki Baru Timika health centers increased sharply from the 600’s to 11000’s of people in 2012.

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In 2005-2006, about 17 percent of residents who conduct voluntary HIV positive note. But in 2012, all citizens who voluntarily checks that none of the HIV-positive of the virus.

According to Nafsiah, so that people’s behavior changes Mimika of risky behavior to un-risk behaviors of HIV/AIDS, then takes the role of education (schools), religious organizations, environmental and local government.

Religious organizations through the Churches, the Mosques and the world of education is an instrumental in efforts to change the behavior of the life of the community.

According to data from the KPA Mimika regency, during the year 2012 there is addition of 366 new cases of HIV and AIDS in Mimika. Total HIV and AIDS cases in Mimika since it was first found in 1996 to September 2012 as 3.190 cases.

During the period April-September 2012 happens the addition of 234 new cases or else averaged each month found as many as 40 new cases of HIV and AIDS. Media transmission of HIV/AIDS is highest in Mimika through sexual intercourse, i.e. as many as 236 cases.

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