Missing AirAsia QZ8501: The Tail of The Plane Was Found Upside Down

The tail of the AirAsia QZ8501 was found upside down, tt was ensured by the team of the Indonesian Navy divers who do the dives to ensure the existence of the tail.

Originally the ship Geo surveys using sonar detector detects the presence of a tail plane was the last location in the loss of contact. Afterwards, the vehicle controlled from a distance or remoted operated vehicle (ROV) revealed to prove results the resulting aircraft tail imaging sonar detector.

The Sergeant Major of marine Boflet Sirait was one of the divers found the plane’s tail AirAsia QZ8501 in the Karimata Strait, the waters near Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, on Tuesday January 7, 2015 noon. Together with his colleague, Head Sergeant Marines Oot Sudarma, he managed to get the tail of the plane. They also put up a rope for the line for the next diver will go down.

The tail section of the plane was found at the point of coordinates 03.36.31 South latitude and 109.41.66 East longitude. Two teams of divers descended on the location of the discovery.

The team then took a picture of the plane’s tail. There are pictures taken from the writings of AXC indicating the registration number of the AirAsia QZ8501. PK-AXC is the registration number Airbus aircraft in Indonesia.

A team of divers was brought back, this will be to find the best way to lift the tail of the aircraft. The tail of the plane is an important part of the plane because the black box stored in it.

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Sunny Weather Supports Discovery The Tails Of AirAsia QZ8501
Boflet admitted to not face the difficulty in locating the aircraft’s tail. At that time, under the sea current is not too large. Visibility of divers against the object on the seabed are also quite supportive. The weather that day was also bright enough. “Because the conditions are good, we can work a maximum of,” He said.

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