Najib Razak: MH370 Ended in The Indian Ocean

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak on Monday March 24, 2014, told families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines MH370, flight ended in the southern region of the Indian Ocean.

According to Razak, the newest satellite data analysis shows the missing aircraft that crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.

If the Malaysian PM’s statement is confirmed by the findings in the field, then this news is a most concrete news for two weeks of grueling search MH370.

So far, reconnaissance aircraft belonging to China and Australia found a number of pieces that likely came from Malaysia Airlines aircraft is missing.

Search teams are still trying to lift the objects it while reminding that the findings must be verified first before certain came from the missing airliner.

Boeing 777-200 owned by Malaysia Airlines disappeared from radar while traversing the territory of Vietnam on March 8, 2014 time traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Since then, aircraft with 239 passengers is lost.

A search operation involving dozens of countries and covering a very wide search area barely found anything during the last two weeks. Therefore, the latest findings in the Indian Ocean is expected to be able to give clarity regarding the fate of the plane.

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