Nautical Tourism Of Nusa Kambangan Island

The Nusa Kambangan island known as the prison island, will be rendered as class tourism. August 2013, the Ministry of maritime and Fisheries held a Festival and Fair Investment Nusa Kambangan and Segara Anakan to attract investors.

The Director General of the marine, Coastal and small islands of the Ministry of marine and Fishery Sudirman Saad argued that on the sidelines of a business and investment Meeting small islands, in Jakarta. The Ministry of marine and Fisheries to prepare a budget of IDR 1 billion for organizing the Festival and Fair Investment Nusa Kambangan and Segara Anakan in Cilacap, Central Java.

The island of Nusa Kambangan as one small outlying island known as the island of haunted prison, but truly has a natural tourism potential. Island with an area of approximately 11,000 hectares of vegetation have a tropical rain forest with high biodiversity. The island is adjacent to Segara Anakan who claimed to have the largest mangrove forest vegetation in Java.

Nusa Kambangan Island Festival is expected to push this outlying small island developing and benefiting society. The management will provide certainty for investment.

It will discuss setting spatial zoning and development of Nusa Kambangan island by involving relevant agencies, local governments, as well as the Ministry of Justice and human rights.

The island of Nusa Kambangan are limited to the specific interest, such as hunting and ecotourism are unobtrusive power support and provision areas. As for the development of hotel and resort will be avoided.

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The Head Office of Maritime, fisheries, and Resource Managers The Segara Saplings, Moch Harnanto suggests, Nusa Kambangan island and Segara Anakan development can be a driving force for the locals economic growth of the region.

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