Nick Xenopon Detained in Malaysia

Australian Senator Nick Xenophon was arrested by Malaysian authorities at the airport in time to visit the country. Xenophon turns into black list of Malaysia as often criticized the human rights situation and democracy in the country.

“I was detained at the airport by airport police officials, then explained I was in the government’s banned list and unable arrive Malaysia,” said Xenophon, as quoted by Sky News.

Xenophon visits to Malaysia at the invitation of Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Xenophon is also famous with his activities that often criticized the election and human rights in Malaysia.

“I see a lot of things wrong in the election system are owned by Malaysia, I was visiting to discuss it but it turned out I was regarded as a dangerous figure by the Government of Malaysia,” he added.

The Government of Australia stated, they have demanded an explanation from the Government of Malaysia concerning the detention of Xenophon in the airport. Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr also asked Malaysia to immediately release Xenophon.

Currently Australia have already demanded an explanation from the Government’s detention of US senator related Malaysia, and hope the Government of Malaysia may soon release the Xenophon.

Xenophon’s visit actually is part of a delegation of Parliament members who plan to Autralia coming to Malaysia.

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