North Korea Rocket Launched Successful, South Korea Urges UNSC Meeting Degree

South Korea, The United States and Japan asked the UN Security Council meeting held to discuss long-range rocket launched in North Korea.

About 90 minutes after the launch, North Korea announced a successful trial of ballistic missiles to put satellites in orbit. Test-drive it instantly condemned by Seoul and Washington as well as a number of other countries.

“At the request of South Korea, the meeting of the United Nations Security Council will be held on Thursday at 01:00 Seoul time,” said South Korean Foreign Ministry official. The United States and Japan have also separately asked the UN Security Council held a hearing related to North Korea’s rocket launch.

“We will discuss the launch of a long-range rocket North Korea in the Security Council with the aim of reaching a deal to strengthen sanctions against North Korea,” he said.

Meanwhile, South Korea reports confirmed that North Korea satellite has successfully orbited, but about the success or failure of it will have no impact on the UN meeting because the launch itself clearly is a violation of the UN resolution.

Seoul and Washington have warned about the possibility of UN measures taken if North Korea insists on launching of the long-range rocket, because North Korea is still under sanctions over nuclear missile activities they were doing before.

A few hours after the launch of the rocket, The South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, immediately met the United States Ambassador, Sung Kim, and the Commander of The United States Forces in Korea, General James Thurman, to specify the action response to the launch.

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