One Billion Yahoo Account Hacked, What Should You Do?

Yahoo acknowledged that more than one billion accounts may have been the victim of burglary. Do you need to panic now? What should be done to protect your account in the future?

The first step, internet security experts said Graham Cluley, is replacing the password or the password used to access the services.

It is recommended to change the password of other emails and make sure that password. These need to be emphasized because of practical reasons, many people who use the same password for multiple different email.

The answer to the security question (security question) should also be replaced, said Cluley.

Experts understand that users have multiple accounts and password management is no longer easy. That is why it is recommended to use a special program to set passwords like Password Chef, LastPass or 1password.

More and more service providers are now offering two-stage verification, for example by sending the code to sign in to mobile phones via SMS. If this kind of service is available, should be utilized.
Thus, the others could not easily enter the accounts you have, even though he got the word password.

Talking about security, Alan Woodward, a professor at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, saying that users should be extra careful and not casually write important information such as date of birth and address, unless it is necessary.

For example, I have two versions of the actual date of birth, and that I always use to fill out forms online,” said Woodward.
This is important because usually the date of birth is often used as a tool to do the verification.
If I wrote the original address? Of course not, except for matters related to the Affairs of the money, for instance for utility bills, gas, and water,” he said.
And finally a lot of service providers which allows users to check their activities, by giving the information devices and the location where your account is accessed.
If there are such facilities, the user should use it.

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