People’s Taxes To Rise Allocation of The Officer Car Allowance

Joko Widodo signed a Presidential Regulation which raise the facilities allowance a down payment for the purchase of individual cars for State officials. Allowance to IDR 210,890 million, from the previous IDR 116,650 million.

The increase is due to the old provision was not assessed in accordance with the increase in the prices of motor vehicles today. Allowance of IDR 116,650 million published based on PP No. 68/2010 about giving cash advance Facilities To State Officials for the purchase of individual vehicles.

For that reason, Jokowi on March 20, 2015 signed Regulation No. 39/2015 about changes to the presidential Regulation No. 68/2010 about giving cash advance Facilities To State officials for the purchase of the individual vehicles. It’s just changing the regulation of article 3 paragraph (1) of Regulation No. 68/2010 about quantity allowances are granted.

Under article 3, paragraph (3) of Regulation No. 39/2015, the allocation of budget in the framework of awarding cash advance facilities referred to in subsection (1) is charged to the budget State institutions in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. In this rule is explained, the consideration for the grant of advances for the purchase of vehicles for private individuals is to support the smooth running of the daily duties of State officials at State Agencies.

The officials referred to in article 3, paragraph (3) of Regulation No. 39/2015 consists of The Members of the House of Representatives, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Judges of the Constitutional Court, Financial Examiners Board, and members of the judicial Commission. The officials were also commonly referred to as State officials at State agencies.

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Cash advance Facilities to purchase individual vehicles as mentioned per period given tenure, and awarded 6 (six) months after being sworn in,” the article 2 paragraph (2) of Regulation No. 68/2010.

The period for the judge of General Attorney is a five-year term of office, provided facilities to advance the second five-year period and beyond is only given when the remainder of the term of the next period of not less than two years.

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