Pro-Russian Rebels Discuss The Shooting Down of The Malaysian Airlines #MH17

Pro-Russian Rebels Discuss The Shooting Down of The Malaysian Airlines #MH17

A new video uploaded on YouTube mentioned shows the phone tapping of the pro-rebels Russia in Eastern Ukraine.

According to, voice recordings in the videos that imbued with English translation claimed was the result of tapping by Security Agency of Ukraine (SBU) which was later released in its official page.

In the video was mentioned, a militant group led by Igor Bezler using Russia Air missile defense system, shooting a commercial aircraft. The plane was identified as a Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines MH17.

In the footage, two rebels were heard talking about a plane that was shot down. At first they thought it was a military plane. However, when a person is called “major” reporting back, he’s not sure what aircraft they shoot.

“There was debris chairs and the human body,” he said to someone called “Greek”.

“Oh so. Is there a gun in there? ” the question that sounds. The question was addressed, “Mayor” with answers that he saw was the health supplies, towels and tissue paper.

In the tape, one of the speakers said that they found was the corpse of civilians.

When one of the parties asks “is there a document”, the other replied, “Yes, an Indonesian student from the University of Thompson”.

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Until recently the truth these recordings haven’t verified independently by the international community.

As reported, a Malaysia Airlines plane with the flight number MH17 crashed in Ukraine, Thursday July 17, 2014. The aircraft was carrying 280 passengers on board, and 11 people were Indonesian.

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