Problem Blocking Site by Communication and Information Technology: Do Until We missed

The Coordinating Minister for Politics, Tejo Edy revealed that blocking 22 websites that are blocked by the Communications and Information Technology based on reports from the public. Tedjo consider blocking is not in a hurry.

Porn site could have immediately blocked. Related problems alleged radicalism site, there should be a report of society. Society report to BNPT, from BNPT reported to the MCIT. Because it will be rechecked, associated agitation, or propaganda, otherwise it would be reopened,” said Tejo in the Parliament Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, today.

What about the number of parties who consider this blocking hurry?

No, no. It’s not until we missed again,” said Tejo.

Ministry of communication and information has been blocked 22 radical websites. Ministry of communication and information asked the organizers of the Internet service provider (ISP) to block 22 websites according delivered BNPT parties.

Blocked sites that are,,,,,,,,, ,,,, and

Then there,,,,, and However some of these sites can still be accessed via mobile phone.

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