Rare Japanese Cars in South Korea

Afternoon in the streets of the District of Gangnam, South Korea is not much different from Jakarta, were equally jammed. Different from the many cars that flooded the streets only very few sightings of the car made in Japan.

Not only in Gangnam, the population of the original Japan import cars are relatively rare in South Korea. The streets of Seoul and other cities is generally dominated by local brands primarily KIA and Hyundai, and there are only a few that are import-car.

Import cars in Korea there is about 18-20 percent. Most come from Europe, especially VW, BMW, etc., This phenomenon, according to the Korean Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA) are not separated from the history of the automotive industry in Korea full competition with Japan. In Korea, the automotive industry has started since the 1970s after Korean War ended. It was only Japan has been developing for automotive technology.

The President of KAMA, Yong Geun Kim conceded that Korea much to learn from Japan’s technology. That Japan car penetration in Southeast Asia so strong was recognized by him. And in comparison, Japan is very proud of its products on its own.

In Japan, all Japan car. In Korea is still very open because many European cars, American cars. Emotionally, technologically, historically, Japan and Korea are competing.

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