Ronaldo Bring Real Madrid Getting Three Points

Real Madrid successfully achieve full points win over Real Sociedad 4 – 3 in the BBVA League continued at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Madrid on Sunday (06/01/2013).

Jose Mourinho Madrid backed up Iker Casillas in the first minute. The position of goalkeeper was given to Antonio Adan.

The match lasted just two minutes, Madrid had opened the scored by Karim Benzema. Receiving feedback Sami Khedira, Benzema escaped the offside trap before conquering Sociedad goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

However, the decision of Mourinho plays Adan, arguably fruitful blunder. In fifth minutes, Adan did pass defies Madrid defender. The ball then captured Carlos Vela who lived opposites. With one feinting, Adan Vela fooled. However, leg tackle Adan Vela makes the referee pointed to the spot as well as a red card for Adan.

The penalty was able to solved perfectly by Captain Xabi Prieto. Sociedad won to equalize the number of players and superior score over Madrid.

Despite losing the number of players, Madrid was able to get back ahead at the 35th minute. From a corner kick of Cristiano Ronaldo, the ball then passed on Ricardo Carvalho and then gently touched by Khedira to find the Sociedad. Score 2-1 for excellence Madrid.

Unfortunately, this advantage did not last long. Five minutes before the break, Sociedad equalized again through Xabi Prieto. The first round was ending 2 – 2 for both.

In the second half exactly the 68th minute, Real Madrid regained the lead through Ronaldo, who was asked in the game as team captain. Getting a pass from Benzema, Ronaldo calmly conquer Claudio Bravo with his left foot shot.

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Two minutes after scoring, adding a note Ronaldo goal on the scoreboard. An execution Ronaldo free kick failed to stop and sped Bravo nets thrilling Sociedad. Score is 4 – 2 to edge further away Madrid.

Trying to earn Sociedad up in the 77th minute. Xabi Prieto plugged the printer name as a hat-trick after again breaking goalkeeper Casillas. Remove the offside trap, Prieto perfectly fired across that just makes Casillas step off.

However, the pursuit of goals Madrid a little difficult. In the 79th minute, Sociedad should follow Madrid to play with ten men after Daniel Estrada received a second yellow card.

Advantages Madrid 4-3 last until the game ends. Victory took Madrid now has 36 points from 18 matches and are still third in the BBVA league.

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