Roving Yogyakarta? Choose Your Rides

The city has always been an attraction to be seen. Arguably any available in Yogyakarta. Even if you don’t carry travelers personal vehicle, don’t worry, various transport available for your travel.

Ranging from the traditional to modern transportation can you find when visiting Yogyakarta. Depending on your tastes will be doing that. If you self traveler, you can select motorbike rental with cheap rates.

Another option is the public transport such as the rise of Trans Jogja. For information about public transport route is still minimal. In addition, some required you are attempting to climb on as follows.

Come to Yogyakarta, less complete without a pedicab. Pedicab are easily found in any corner of the city. In fact, could have hired a rickshaw to take you around the city.

If you are interested in a tour with pedicab, negotiable advance rates. The average tour with pedicab in the range from IDR 20,000 (± US$ 2.00), depending how many places you will visit.

Horse cart (read Javanese: Andong)
Transportation pulled by horses also can be an alternative to get around Yogyakarta. The fare is more expensive than a pedicab. However, the excitement of riding a horse cart is certainly not alone. You can ride en masse.

The horse’s foot step sounds definitely like a heartbeat, so amaze. Moreover, while speeding on the streets biting with cars passing by. Such as a sensation of being trapped in the past in the midst of the modern world.

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Unfortunately, there is only a horse cart in some places in Yogyakarta. Usually the horse cart could be found in some places such as Malioboro Street, around the Palace, and the square. try riding a horse cart from this area to your hotel.

If you do not want sunbathe with pedicab or horse cart, other transportation options for sightseeing is taxi.

There are some types of cars used for taxi in Yogyakarta, ranging from sedan to MPV (multi purpose vehicle).

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