Russia Today Journalist Shot

A Russian correspondent of satellite TV channel Al-Yaum Rusiya (Russia Today), Kamil Sakr, received a gunshot wound on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, said the channel.

“On Thursday morning, a group of journalists and I are heading to the suburbs of Damascus Darayya in Syria, where soldiers are conducting active combat operations to establish control of the region,” said Sakr to Al-Yaum Rusiya, by phone on Thursday (3/1/2013).

Sakr came when a fierce gunfight occurred on one of the city’s streets, until finally he hit shots. A Syria TV operators also suffered wounds in Darayya, located a few miles southwest of Damascus.

At least 60,000 people have died in the conflict since Syria in March 2011, said UN High Commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay cited a new analysis released on Wednesday by the United Nations.

Russia has faced severe international criticism for its refusal to support UN sanctions against Syria, last ally in the Arab world, the so-called pro-rebel bias resolutions proposed.

But Moscow denied it was supporting Bashar al-Assad and said it was concerned that if the President of Syria was dropped will only worsen the conflict.

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