Russian Captured The Missile Activities of Ukraine When The Fall of Malaysia Airlines #MH17

Russia’s Defense Ministry, say, has been capture a radar system activities of Ukraine at a time when Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed in Eastern Ukraine.

“Along July 17, Russian radar operational facilities intercept of Buk-M1 Kupol battery’s, which is located in the Styla (30 kilometres south of Donetsk),” Russia’s Defence Ministry says.

The technical capabilities of the Buk-M1 allows battery data exchange of air targets in one battalion. So, the rocket launch is likely to occur from one of the battery that is in the area of Avdeevka (8 km north of Donetsk) or from Gruzsko-Zoryanskoe (15 km east of Donetsk).

Malaysia Airlines’s Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur fell near the town of Torez, Donetsk area and killing all passengers on board.

The Government of Ukraine was out of pro-Russia militias in the turbulent region of Donetsk as perpetrators of the shooting of the plane with the flight number MH17. However, the rebel groups refuted the accusation with the reason they do not have weapons capable of flying targets at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Now, the Government of Ukraine and Malaysia Airlines Center investigated the tragedy. In addition to local officers, the investigators from the FBI, including the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), and Interpol experts participated in this case.

Meanwhile, ABC News told the U.s. Government had sent the investigators of the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board into the crash site.

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