Russian Plane Crashes In Midtown Near The Airport, Four People Killed

A passenger plane crashed at the airport of Moscow that killed at least four people. The plane had entered the highway after breaking through the landing.

The plane belonging to Red Wings Airlines, Russia’s evacuation of the runway after slipping crushed and broke into the highway at Vnukovo airport, Russia in 12/29/2012. Four people were killed and four others wounded.

As the BBC reported, there are eight to 12 of the crew who were on board the plane with the flight number RWZ9268. Red Wings aircraft Tupolev-204 it has scheduled landing in Vnukovo Airport. As a result of the accident, the aircraft was smashed into pieces. The cockpit of the plane was on a highway.

Four people were reported injured and four others died in the accident. The four people who died in the crash were two pilots, technicians, and a flight attendant. The aircraft engine was seen on fire and smoke out of some parts of the plane, which was destroyed. The plane was flying to Moscow from the Czech Republic.

The Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev ordered an investigation to find the cause of the accident. The possibility of the accident caused three things: bad weather, technical error and human error. Tupolev-204 is a passenger aircraft of modern Russia with security standards assessed adequately. The plane has a capacity of up to 200 passengers.

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