Russia’s Parliament To Support The Arrival Of Crimea

The Russian veteran politicians are welcomed the possibility of joining the Crimean into The Federation of Russia, despite the threat of sanctions for Russia strengthened amid worsening relations the West and Russia.

If the people of Crimea through the referendum wanted to join with Russia, we would support that choice,” said the Chairman of the upper House of Parliament Russia, Valentina Matviyenko.

We will respect the choice of the historical people of Crimea,” the Chairman of the lower House of Parliament to connect Russia, Sergei Naryshin.

Increasing the possibility of the country with a population of 46 million people that broke out between the pro-Western Europe as well as Eastern parts of Russia made the pro-US President Barack Obama made telephone talks for an hour with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The White House said, in a phone conversation that President Obama emphasized that Russia step is a violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Russia’s action makes the US and the European Union must make a number of measures in response to the situation in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, President Putin tried to reduce tensions by emphasizing that the conditions in Ukraine should not need to be at the expense of U.S.-Russia diplomatic relations.

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