Sail Komodo Participants Layover in Wakatobi

A total of 14 sailing yacht participant of Sail Komodo 2013 since last two days have been the anchors at Wangiwangi, capital of Southeast Sulawesi, Wakatobi.

The head of tourism and culture the Wakatobi, Tawwakul, said the passengers aboard the luxury middle screen to enjoy arts and cultural performances in several places in the Wakatobi.

The Government and the community are currently preparing the Wakatobi tradition called posepa in Liya Togo that will be show to the passenger ship that sails on Wednesday afternoon.

According to tradition, posepa is a habit people of Liya Togo, held on every Eid Mubarak finished praying.

Those who engage in mutual kicking shank until there is a leg injury such as a broken calf bone. Interestingly, those injuries could soon recovered after being treated by a traditional elders have been prepared.

Soon after completion, continued the tradition of posepa, communities including citizens directly involved posepa mutual visiting houses, conveying apologies physical and mental.

The community Liya Togo convey apologies to each other after the tradition of posepa finished to take place.

In addition to deploying posepa, society also welcomed Togo Liya participants Sail Komodo with indigenous dances Sajomoane dances, local people in the welcome guests of songs or the guest of honor.

Other than treated with different cultural traditions, the participants also Sail to Komodo brought into attractions at Wakatobi dive sites, including to the Coral Island and Mari Höga Mabo.

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In the diving site participants Sail Komodo dragons enjoy the natural beauty of underwater Wakatobi inhabited various types of coral reefs, fish and other marine life.

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