Samsung MicroSD/SD Card Pro Series High-speed, and waterproof

Series of Samsung memory cards such as SD and microSD cards are currently the most widely used in a variety of gadgets such as digital cameras, camcorders, tablets and Smartphones. Also known as a major player in the world of electronics and communications, Samsung is also known as one of the memory chip vendors in the world.

A series of products that enter into this “Pro” series sweep professional segments with a read speed of up to 70 MBps for microSD and 80 MBps for SD cards. In the meantime, the data writing speed of each is 20 MBps and 50 MBps. Speed it automatically makes the Samsung as a product class 1. The selling price was also affected, i.e., USD 70.00 for 4 GB and USD 120.00 for the 32 GB and 64 GB for USD 240.00.

A sophisticated, memory card is in the ranks of the Pro Series was very resistant to the various elements. In addition to the 24-hour water resistant to sea water, exposed to the Pro Series are also able to withstand pressures of up to 1500G, hold x-ray machines at the airport and was able to survive in temperatures between 25°C to 85°C.

If it feels too expensive for your bags, Samsung also provides a new variant to their middle-class series Extreme Speed to the speed of read/write 48 MBps. Prices tag USD 23.00 for a capacity of 8 GB and USD 75.00 for 32 GB. Want to choose which one?

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