Satellite Photos Capture Objects Similar To A Plane in the Gulf of Thailand

Millions of people to help keep track of the whereabouts of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, by using the internet. One of them, a manager of IT from Chicago, United States who thought himself managed to capture high-resolution satellite photos that show objects similar to the plane in the Gulf of Thailand.

The public can make its own tracking through the site Tomnod has been uploading photos satellite images in an area of 1,600 square kilometers on the day the plane lost contact, Saturday March 8, 2014. Mike Seberger claimed the mysterious objects findings obtained through the site.

Satellite photos that successfully captured by Seberger shows an object in the middle of the ocean that resembles the shape of a plane, slightly covered with clouds. The photos were captured in the Gulf of Thailand, near the South China Sea. So as reported by on Thursday March 13, 2014.

Seberger explains, he takes a few minutes after login on the site Tomnod to find photos of the satellite image. The dimensions of the satellite image is judged consistent with the shape of the fuselage of a Boeing 777 aircraft type is the missing MAS.

Originally, I just through it, I was thinking. No maybe I could find something that too fast. But I retrace and erupted within me, resemble an airplane.” said Seberger.

About half a million people registered on the site Tomnod to help the search mission MH370 MAS aircraft on the first day of the missing aircraft. The amount continues to grow as much as 100 thousand people in every minute.

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Tomnod is a product of the DigitalGlobe satellite company that allows its users to help the search mission via satellite for every incident. The workings of this site is also known as online crowdsourcing, by allocating each user with an image of a satellite image of a region that is entered in the search mission.

Users can zoom in on the satellite image image and browse them bit by bit. If the user successfully finding a suspicious object or thing, then they can mark these locations and then report it to the Tomnod Manager.

Satellite image of Tomnod photo was taken from an altitude of 400 miles (643 km) from the Earth’s surface and can catch up to the size of the smallest details of penalty points on a ball field.

The findings of the photo satellite imagery has not taken direct Seberger by Malaysia authorities or related parties.

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