SBY: We’re Not Being Good Society

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) assess Indonesia societies are still not a society with a high civilization. It can be seen still many acts of violence in the community.

A good society marked the culture and character of nonviolence. “If we are among the readily do violence, vigilantism, then physically we have not become a good society, not become high civilization of a society.” he said while attending the Summit of Mother’s Day in Jakarta on Tuesday (17/12).

To create an atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual love is not easy. Moreover, Indonesia has a plurality. He envisioned that the Indonesian people could get along and tolerant with the existing pluralities.

Not only that, the President also wanted the community while maintaining national identity, culture, local values of the area which became the pride. “Don’t get it disconnected because of globalization,” he said.

Many of Indonesia’s tend to be materialistic and hedonistic living in as well as excessive. He asked that people not extolling Indonesia’s global identity and forget about their own identity.

He sees happening in Indonesia against globalization, democracy, reform and develop on the emergence of the excesses and the negative impact. But globalization is a fact of this century that cannot be avoided.

The most important is able to filter and does not approve an ugly thing in Indonesia culture. Globalization does not mean completely bad because there are things that could be at work they should because of globalization such as economic cooperation. “It means, Be smart look at globalization,” he said.

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He also requested that a growing democracy can not have lapses. Example of freedom in a democracy that is not concerned with the freedom of others.

“Let us realize, we want our democracy to mature and qualified and successful reforms. But remember, right guard against undue excesses,” he said.

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