Secured Blackberry Z10

Today, a smartphone seems to have become the best friend for some people. Reasonable, because the cell phone has become the only tool that will make it easier for us to communicate and even referred as a replacement for the PC, for a variety of important data stored in your smartphone.

Thus, it is only natural that we will strive to keep our phones remained protected from the parties who are not responsible.

Unfortunately, the BlackBerry 10 offer only one option for securing mobile phones from parties that you don’t want. The way is to use an arrangement of words or phrases the usual secret we call the ‘Password’.

When you have activated the BlackBerry 10 security system, you are required to touch the ‘Lock’ or withdraw with a touch screen, and then enter the password that you saved.

Here are the easy steps to secure BlackBerry Z10 from the hands of ignorant, as released from CrackBerry.

  • Tap the symbol ‘Setting’ on the screen. Then go to the menu ‘Security and Privacy’.
  • Activate the ‘Device’ Password and enter the password you want.
  • After you determine the locking time, press ‘Back’ to save the activity.
  • To open the Z10, you can shift the screen toward the top or touch the symbol ‘Lock’.
  • After all, enter the password that you saved.

This method is indeed impressed a little old fashioned, as most smartphones have been using Blackberry 10 Security system pattern. But it is better to use a password for your safety, than not at all, isn’t it?

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